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Yonder - between a rock and a workspace, blurring the line between work and play, both perfect ways to summarise this a space where energy and ideas thrive in a multitude of ways. Yonder is a community hub in its purest form, with something for everyone taking place every week.

Nice Swan Creative was briefed on the concept of Yonder from the very early sparks of the idea. The aim would be to create a brand for a space with many different facets - bouldering walls, a workspace and workshop, a yoga studio, a café/bar, and a venue for events of many different kinds.

The branding exists not only on paper and screen, but extends to all areas of the building itself, in everything from way finding signage to the colour of the holds on the bouldering walls. All aspects of the building have been considered as potential opportunities to build the brand narrative and visual aesthetic.

Yonder  /  thisisyonder.com

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